Double Pocket Doors–Save Space & add that Special Beauty to your Home

The Advantages of adding Double Pocket Doors to your home.

They allow you to have a large opening for that Open Concept, and at the same time allowing you to close a room off for privately.

You can save space and square footage, since Pocket Doors don’t swing into a room.

In tight quarters or small rooms, where space might be at a  premium, pocket doors can solve that problem.

Pocket Doors

The Doors you use  for Pocket Doors are Slab Doors.

Slab Doors do not have Bore Holes , they have no hinges or hardware.

Type of Pocket Doors

For your Double Pocket Doors,  you can use any type of Doors;   Raised Panel, Flat Panel,  Frosted Glass Doors (for privacy ),   Beveled Glass Doors,  and  Stained Glass Doors.

Hardware for Pocket Doors

You can use Decorative Flush Cups,  Pocket Door Pulls,  Mortise Pocket Door Pulls,  and Edge Pulls.



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