Round Privacy Pocket Door Pulls


Round Privacy Pocket Door Pulls

This Pocket Door Lock fits any Door with a 2 1/8” Standard Round Lock Bore Hole for  a        2 3/8”  Backset.

Privacy Lock-  This Round Pocket Lock is perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms with pocket type sliding doors.

This Round Privacy Lock can be used for Standard Doors.  Standard Doors are already Bored for a 2 1/8” Bore Hole and Cross Bore.

The Backset is for  2 3/8”.

The Door Latch has an Edge Pull attached to it so that you can pull your door out of the wall.

So you can use a Door already prehung on hinges and Convert it into a Pocket Door. The Hinge Prep will be hidden in the Wall.   Just use this Round Privacy Pocket Door Lock and you have a Pocket Door ready to Hang on the Track.
Available in :  Privacy Only

Door prep: 1″ edge bore

Door thickness:  adjustable for 1-3/8″-1-3/4″

Backset:  2-3/8″



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