HBP Pocket Door Frame Kits with All Steel Studs

Hartford Building Products– Pocket Door Frame Kits feature the following upgrades:

  • Solid Poplar Hardwood Headers
  • High Quality Track and Roller Systems
  • Galvanize Steel Floor Brackets
  • Solid Poplar Nailing Strips for your  Pocket Door Jamb
  • Self Tapping Drywall Screws
  • In addition, our wall are exact sizes, either 3 1/ 2” or  5 1/ 2”

Currently Available in 9 different series of kits:

Available in 1/6,2/0, 2/2,2/4,2/6,2/8,2/10,3/0,3/6, and 4/0 widths

Standard Heights 6/8 (80″),  7/0 (84″), and 8/0 (96″)

These pocket door frame kits can use virtually any type of door with a wood frame, whether it is solid hollow core, mdf, solid wood, or veneered.

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