HBP ADA Interior Thresholds

Our HBP (Hartford Building Products) ADA thresholds are Made in Solid Hardwoods in Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Walnut, Cherry, Hickory, and Ash

These thresholds are ADA compatible, and are perfect for wheel chair and handicapped access.  Available up to 6 1/2″ widths for wide transitions on doorways between rooms.

ADA-  1/2″ Height  ADA Compliant Threshold

Unfinished, but can be Stained or Painted

SHIPS in  1-2  Business Days


   Widths:    3 1/2″,   4 1/2″, and    6 1/2″

   Lengths:   2′ (24″),   3′ (36″) ,    4′ (48″) ,   5′ (60″) ,   8′ (96″)


These interior ADA door thresholds are comply with the standards for ADA (American Disabilities Act), which allow easy access for wheel chairs, walkers, etc to easily go through an opening.  Note:  Our 2′ thresholds comply with the height requirements for ADA, but do not comply with the width requirements, which require a  clear 30 inches in width.

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