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Closet Doors


Guide to to the four main types of residential closet doors

There are four main types of closet doors that we sell. These types are bi-fold doors, which fold, bypass doors, which slide past each other, multi-fold doors, which have more than four sections, and accordion doors, which have a large numbers of folding sections, usually smaller than 6” each. Below is a sample picture of each with text detailing each type.

Bi-Fold DoorsBi-Fold Doors

Bi­fold doors are composed of 2 sections or 4 sections of folding doors for use in a closet. They are always in pairs and fold to the left, right, or in a double pair, fold to the left and the right sides. Bi­fold doors are most commonly made in 12”, 15”, and 18” sections, which are then combined in two units to make 24”, 30”, and 36” bi­folds. When making wider bi­folds using four sections, they are then used to make 4' , 5', and 6' wide units. Wider units can be used with heavy duty hardware using wider doors.

By-Pass Doors

By­pass doors are composed of two doors normally that slide past each other in the door opening. Since there are less doors used than in a bi­fold of the same size, each door is normally wider. For instance, a 6' wide closet would have two 3' wide doors to make up the width. In some special circumstances, you can also use three or more doors, with a custom installation. A thing to also remember, when installing by­pass doors , the opening may have to be undersized slightly, to allow for an overlap, or make one of the doors wider, example, using a 32” and a 30” wide door for a 5' wide opening.

multifoldMulti-Fold Doors

Multi­fold doors are most commonly bi­fold door sections, which are then combined in a multiple number of even numbered doors. Multi­fold doors are done in four sections, six sections, eight sections, ten sections, and twelve sections. With the heavy duty hardware available, you can have any combination of doors in multiples, up to six doors folding to each side. Wider doors can be used in multi­fold uses where you have wider openings, using heavier duty hardware. Multi­fold door units can also be used between rooms, or other custom uses.

Accordion DoorsAccordion Doors

Accordion doors are multi­folding door units with much smaller sections. They can be used in closets and other uses such as huge banquet halls, and more. They are usually vinyl, or wood veneer. Also available are custom acoustic type doors for uses where you need to cut sound decibel levels.